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The caravan turns the street onto Berlin's largest stage, questioning everyday life and politics through art and celebration.

KdK is open to all and all forms of cultural expression. It is a platform for empowerment and play with identity with space for both traditional and contemporary elements. It includes and attracts all age groups, professional artists and amateurs, people from all walks of life.



Sunday May 15th

Begin: 12.30 pm, at Hermannplatz
via Hasenheide, Gneisenaustraße, Yorckstraße
End: ca. 9 pm, Yorckstraße/Möckernstraße

The route/map street parade 2016

20. April 2016
» Umzugsstrecke 16.pdf

The Caravan

All groups can be found here:» Karawane in Reihenfolge.pdf.
Detailed information about the groups are only available in German.


How to get there

The starting point is located at Hermannplatz. You can get there easily by taking the underground (line 8 or line 7) and get off at the station Hermannplatz.
The stations Südstern, Gneisenaustraße and Mehringdamm are located along the route.
If you are driving, expect delays.

For further traffic information please visit:

» BVG, English version

Please note

During the weekend about 1.3 mill people get together on the streets. So that everything keeps on running smoothly, please notice the following instructions:

- when on the street, please open space for the caravan!

- when necessary please follow the directions of our security personal and police

- if the space is overcrowded subway stations in the area could be closed

- please leave your bicycles outside the festival area

Bottles, Garbage and Environment

- along the way you will find stands where you can buy drinks and food. Please buy here rather than on the street. These booths support the Karneval and keep a system of returnable glasses and bottles to avoid garbage.

- if you bring your own bottles please take them back home with you, we want to keep everything clean!

You will find more to our green policies » here.


Along the parade we have placed a distinct area for wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible bathrooms at Hasenheide ca. Jahnstr.
Other accessible bathrooms stand at: Urbanstr./Graefestr., Urbanstr./Jahnstr., Urbanstr./Graefestr., Hasenheide/Gaeferstr., Südstern nord, Gneisenau/Baerwaldstr., Gneisenau/Mittenwalder Str., Gneisenau/Nostitzstr.

First Aid

Located at the fest at the corner of Johanniter Straße and Zossener Straße (Johanniter Unfallhilfe e.V.)

If kids gets lost

Kids that get lost can be accompanied to the first aid point at Körtestraße 9, or at the fest at Johanniter Straße/corner Zossener Straße, so that the person responsible can pick them up.


Leave your pets at home, there are too many people on the streets and it will be overwhelming for them.

Lost and Found

Lost objects can be brought to the Werkstatt der Kulturen Stand in front of the Heilig Kreuz Kirche. If the objects are not picked up during the fest they will be passed on to the central Lost and Found office located at Platz der Luftbrücke 6.

Important contact numbers

BVG-Callcenter: 030 19449, bvg.de
Police hotline: 030 46 64 55 20 14, Mo–Fr 8 am - 2 pm