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Application Street Parade, 20 May 2018


If you are interested to participate in the street parade 2018 with a group please contact us from October on.

The street parade is a platform where groups have the possibility to present their ideas, thoughts and concerns in an artistic way. The Karneval der Kulturen mainly focuses on groups/artists/associations etc. which are located in Berlin.

We set up the stage for the groups, coordinating all technical details. The groups define and produce their presentations independently from the Karneval's office. All costs for costumes, decoration, instruments, technical equipment and float are mainly carried by the group or its supporters.

A group that wants to participate at the parade should do so with:
- an artistic concept
- enough visibility so that they are noticeable among the public (for example number of people involved, or size of the float and/or props. Generally it can be said that at least 20 people should take part in the group's presentation.

Groups can receive public or private financing, but they can only take part if they are independent from these institutions.

The following groups are not allowed in the parade:
- political parties
- corporations and businesses
- trademarks representatives
- state or public institutions, including embassies, and cultural and tourism branches

Please note: groups whose presentations go against the vision of the carnival will not be allowed in the parade. Racist, discriminatory or groups, who glorify violence against others are in all cases excluded.

Groups from Berlin will be given priority.

We reserve the right to decide individually on all and any case not foreseen in these guidelines.


1. Get in touch, explaining your intention, either per email or the form below (the form can be found again from October on).

2. Once we have replied to you, send us your artistic concept. For example, how will the issues and themes presented be reflected in the costumes, the dramaturgy, the music or the float? Please include:
- main idea (themes to be presented)
- number of participants
- do you want to take part with or without a float
- design description
- costumes description
- music description and mode of presentation

3. Meet with us. We will invite you to a face to face meeting.

4. Confirmation of acceptance
Once all questions are cleared you will receive a written confirmation from us.

Please note that there is no fee for participating in the parade, however the participating group has to cover most of its expenses.


31 January

groups with:
- electronic music (House, Drum'n'Bass, Minimal, Goa etc.)
- soca music
- percussion music

- fool's guilds

12 February

all other groups


We are happy to receive your submission! info@karneval-berlin.de